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MAGICK driver compatible with version 6. For font names with spaces use the “font name with spaces” notation. Each font name found in the document is checked against this mapping and if there is a corresponding entry, the new name is used for the output. If the -fontmap option is not specified, pstoedit automatically looks for the file drivername. The following description of the different formats supported by pstoedit is extracted from the source code of the individual drivers.

Please note that the fontname has to be among those supported by xfig. The output format driver currently supports one output format driver specific option, “integers”, which rounds all lengths, coordinates, and font sizes to the nearest integer. This makes hand-editing the picture a little nicer. Why is this output format driver useful? I’ve included work-arounds for the ones mentioned above, but some others could show up in addition to those. You can try to use the -sclip option to simulate clipping.

However, this does not work in all cases as expected. The java output format drivers generate a java source file that needs other files in order to be compiled and usable. This applet can easily be activated from a html-document. For such objects pstoedit breaks them into smaller objects whenever such a gap is found.

This is because TeX documents usually use bitmap fonts. Such fonts cannot be used as native font in other format. So pstoedit replaces the TeX font with another native font. Of course, the replacement font will in most cases produce another look, especially if mathematical symbols are used. Lar Kaufman revised the increasingly complex command syntax diagrams and updated the structure and content of this manpage following release 2.

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