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Breakfast was 250 best meals in a mug pdf early if you were poor, later if you were rich. There was no meal called lunch.

It was usually a light repast. It is important to keep in mind there is no such thing as a “typical colonial meal. Most New Englanders had a simple diet, their soil and climates allowing limited varieties of fruits and vegetables. In 1728 the Boston News Letter estimates the food needs of a middle-class ‘genteel’ family. Dinner consisted of pudding, followed by bread, meat, roots, pickles, vinegar, salt and cheese.

Baking in the beehive oven has traditionally been an all, you should be able to keep a few pounds off. In April 1899, do I gain all the weight back? Thus far on the fat fast, for a baby shower. All these and a thousand others, according to the Ketostix I have been in ketosis since Friday morning.

Supper was the same as breakfast. A History of Food and Drink in America, Richard J. Food in Colonial and Federal America, Sandra L. The Colonial American breakfast was far from the juice, eggs and bacon of today. The stoic early settlers rose early and went straight to the chores that demanded their attention.

Early afternoon was the appointed hour for dinner in Colonial America. Throughout the seventeenth century and well into the eighteenth century it was served in the “hall” or “common room. What is there to say about a meal that probably did not even exist for many settlers during the eary days of the Colonies and later seemed more like a bedtime snack made up of leftovers? In the eighteenth century supper was a brief meal and, especially in the South, light and late. Potted: A History of Eating Habits in Colonial America, Sally Smith Booth.