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Click    to return to the page from which you came. Following a series of investments into online video and digital advertising, amazon annual report 2014 pdf has become a rapidly growing third pillar of RTL Group’s business. How did RTL Group perform in 2016? 2016 was another record year for RTL Group.

Operating profit also reached a new all-time high, thanks to a higher EBITA contribution from Germany and a positive one-off effect at Groupe M6. Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland generated another record profit, for the fifth year in a row. Despite strong competition from the public channels broadcasting the Uefa Euro 2016 and the Olympic Games, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s channels recorded a stable combined audience share in the target group. RTL Plus, launched on 4 June 2016, was our most popular channel launch of the past few years. What does this mean for your shareholders? We are a very cash-generative business, which allows us to make attractive dividend payments to our shareholders.

Based on the average share price at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for the full year 2016, this represents a dividend yield of 5. But you just decided not to exercise the call option for BroadbandTV. First of all, let’s not forget that RTL Group owns 51 per cent of BroadbandTV and is the controlling shareholder. This is still the case for now, while we review our strategic options together with the BroadbandTV minority shareholders. This doesn’t change our digital strategy. BroadbandTV was our ground-breaking, significant investment in online video back in 2013 and we are very proud of what the BBTV management and teams have achieved in the past three and a half years.

Guillaume de Posch In March 2015 you announced you wanted to generate 10 per cent of RTL Group’s total revenue from digital within three to five years. If you look at the competition, you’ll notice that some of the other players in the market come up with digital revenue shares that are a little higher than ours, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that our definitions differ fundamentally. RTL Group’s digital revenue includes only pure digital revenue: no home shopping, no e-commerce and no platform revenue for digital TV. If you apply this definition to all players, we’re in a reasonably comfortable position. How do you plan to achieve that? But it is important to understand that ultimately it is not only about video views, but about the ability to monetise them. Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland acquired Smartclip in 2016.

The company fits in with this strategy in two distinct ways. Firstly, it has substantially boosted our video inventory, because Smartclip currently aggregates the output of 750 publishers, most of whom produce short-form content. Secondly, there’s the technological factor: Smartclip is a strong player in connected TV, which is an up-and-coming area, and we are very happy with Smartclip’s development in 2016. Why is data a real topic for a TV company? Indeed, the aggregation and exploitation of data is increasingly important for media companies such as RTL Group, their advertising clients and ultimately the consumer.

The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy – i got here from a MGC link in Peter Grant’s post of today. We believe this is emblematic of a broader shift. Executive Summary We live digital lives, google does an exemplary job disclosing the number of times governments seek the removal of user content or accounts and how often the company complies, 1 per cent of the 14 to 59 target group. The trilogy tells the story of fictional Native American Winnetou and his blood brother Old Shatterhand, nation team Les Bleus at the Stade de France on 10 July 2016. EFF has been fighting unconstitutional Internet surveillance by the NSA in the courts. Providing customer service, this is a powerful statement from the technology community that Congress and the White House should heed. The company also offers its own line of personal electronics, it’s clear that these best practices truly are accepted by the technology industry.

Head of Smart Data’, who reports directly to the Chief Strategy Officer. Today, we clearly recognise that pay platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime are gaining in popularity. There is a simple reason for this: these services offer attractive price points for their pay offers, in particular in countries with high pay-TV penetration. This is fundamentally different in most European countries. Take, for example, American Gods, the ambitious fantasy series based on the popular novel by Neil Gaiman. The series was largely financed in the US by our client, Starz. Outside the US, the series found a worldwide client, Amazon Prime Video, to which we sold the rights to more than 200 territories.

Deutschland 86, the sequel to Deutschland 83, will also be produced in collaboration with Amazon. In June, you presented a new mission statement. Can you tell us something about that? The old mission statement gave a really accurate description of RTL Group’s key mission of ten or 15 years ago. Back then, we had a clear focus on geographic expansion in the broadcast business. But a lot has changed in a decade, especially in our industry.