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Please forward this error screen to 89. Any problem we face has at its anything for you ma am pdf a spiritual solution.

The Alchemist in you has different needs during different stages of your journey. Here you will find the single or multiple tools that are exactly what you were seeking. May you find something amazing and wonderfully helpful. We’ve selected some of our best for your highest good. I do a lot of Yoni work. Since then I’ve gotten some messages asking about how to use the oil  and I realized that I don’t have anything up on here about how to do a SELF Yoni massage- nor are there many resources online for how to do Yoni Massage alone, or my unique take on Yoni Massage. This is a big deal- because while Yoni Massage is FABULOUS and connective when done as a couple- there is also something delicious about a woman’s ability to massage herself in this way.

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If you look up Yoni you’ll get a number of different interpretations from vagina, to vagina and vulva, to vagina, vulva and womb. It is vital to recognize as women that we are Divine Incubators. This means that our natural state is one of receiving, multiplying and releasing. Everything that is created must Incubate through the Sacred Gates and Temple of the Feminine. While the Masculine holds the seeds, the Feminine is the precious soil which nourishes and offers it up.

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