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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. In the early 16th Century there are references to bed bath and beyond application pdf usa grooved barrels because they were unfair. Students of the duel will recognize this problem arising three hundred years later.

Curtis notes that why rifling was twisted is unknown, and that it may have been incompletely understood. By the mid-19th Century, the Newtonian physics of the rifled bore had been sorted out, the Minié and similar balls made rifled muskets as quick-loading as smoothbores, and the scientific method allowed engineers to test hypotheses systematically by experimentation. Rifling had several effects beyond greater accuracy. It did decrease muzzle velocity slightly, and it did increase waste heat in the barrel. The first of these was no big deal, and the latter was easily handled, at first, by improved metallurgy.

Fouling and pitting have been the bête noire of rifles from 1498 in Augsburg to, frankly, today. A badly pitted barrel can only be restored by relining the barrel, a job for a skilled gunsmith with, at least, first-class measuring tools and a precision lathe with a long bed. Relining has never been accepted, to the best of our knowledge, by any military worldwide. Early in the 20th Century, though, American scientists and engineers developed a new technology — electroplating.

The two groups of professors formed start-ups, the Chemical Treatment Company and the Chromium Products Corporation. At this point, chrome plating has not been applied to firearms. Electroplating had been used for guns for decades, of course, but that was nickel plating — eye-pleasing, but soft and prone to flaking, not suitable for bores, and not remotely as corrosion-resistant as chromium. Chrome comes to bores in the lab: 1925-32 One thing that had held chrome plating back was lack of a practical quality control method. George Dubpernell discovered a practical test almost by accident: chrome would adhere to copper, but copper would not adhere to chrome. This was later supplanted by NDT methods, but it was essential to the growth of chrome in industry.

US Patent 1,886,218, applied chrome plating to small arms and sporting weapons’ bores. They applied for the patent in 1927, and note, as is now well known, that bores must be made slightly oversized to account for the dimensional changes from chrome deposition. Chromium plating of small arms barrels results in longer accuracy life. However, the cost of plating is excessive compared to the results obtained. The longer accuracy life results from taming the bugbear of bore erosion. The technology of chrome plating continued to advance, even as weapons designers struggled to bring the technology’s benefits to bear on practical small arms. Adoption of chrome by the world’s militaries — early adopters The Empire of Japan was the earliest nation to chrome the bores of its rifles.

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