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How to register to this website? Mention the steps involved in effective training. What are the usual methods coal handling system pdf by management in training the employees?

How it is helpful in managerial control? There are frequent strikes in a group of mines being worked by a large public sector undertaking. Make a brief review of the various steps involved in a selection procedure of personnel in industrial undertakings. Write an explanatory note on the present pattern of management of Public Sector Enterprises in India. What do you mean by policy?

Discuss the role of advance and day to day planning in the safe and efficient working of a large mechanized open cast mine. How does it differ from administration? What are the objectives of an organization? What are the different types of organizations in existence today? Why is the human element so important to an organization? Low morale of workforce at a mechanized mine has been identified as a cause of decline of production over the last one year.

The coal is gasified by burning finely-crushed coal in an environment with less than half the amount of oxygen needed to fully burn the coal. Essentially, the coal is not burned directly but undergoes a reaction with oxygen and steam. The latter is achieved by combining the two cycles of firing the coal gas and using the residual heat to produce electricity. The technology contains the following steps. The creates a chemical reaction of the coal with the oxygen.

The syngas is subsequently cleaned and burned with either pure oxygen or air. This creates a superheated steam with which electricity is generated. Coal is transported to the installation where it is pulverized and dried. The pulverized coal is gasified and the ash in the feedstock is recovered as marketable slag. The gas is purified, among others by washing it with water.

This water needs to be cleaned so that it can be re-used. Almost all of the poisonous hydrogen sulphide is removed from the syngas and purified to sulphur. A small part of the sulphur is emitted in to the air. The exhaust gases are cooled and the residual heat used for steam to drive the steam turbine. The electricity production is the output from the gas- and steamturbine.