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Please forward computer hardware information pdf error screen to md-in-47. The Cisco CCNA Examination Preparation Certificates, Levels I-IV, confirm that the student possesses the industry-recognized knowledge and skills required for completion of each level in a four-course sequence. In completing the sequence, the student is qualified to take the Cisco CCNA examination, which is administered by an outside agency.

Cisco professionals design, build, and maintain computer networks that use Cisco software and hardware to form the networking and Internet foundations for business and government agencies worldwide. Examination Preparation Certificates Levels V-VIII confirms that the student possesses the industry-recognized knowledge and skills required for each of the CCNP components. The Computer Foundations certificate provides students with the basic hardware, software, operating system, Internet, and networking skills demanded for entry level positions in virtually any organization. The Computer Game Development Certificate sets the foundation for a career in game development with the introduction of the programming and graphic elements of the field. The examination is administeredby an outside agency. The Database Specialist Level I certificate prepares students for entry level positionsinvolving the design and development of database systems in an organization.

The Dreamweaver Web Developer Certificate prepares students for positionsusing Macromedia Dreamweaver to develop Internet and Intranet Web sites. The Electronic Commerce Generalist certificate prepares students to start ormanage a business on the Internet, or to be employed by an Internet-based business. The Flash Game Developer certificate prepares students for a career in developingcomputer games with the Flash programming language. Theexamination is administered by an outside agency. The Microsoft Access Programmer designs, develops and maintains databasesystems that can be used by any size organization or Internet-based business. The certificate also helpsstudents prepare for the MCDST certification examination. The examination isadministered by an outside agency.

The demand for networking professionals to administer and support computernetworks far exceeds the supply and will continue to do so well into the twentyfirstcentury. The Microsoft Network Specialist Certificate enables the student tospecialize in Microsoft networking as well as to prepare for the Microsoft Certificationexams. The examinations are administered by an outside agency. The Project Management certificate prepares students for positions requiring theefficient management of information technology projects in organizations withrespect to software, planning, time, costs, and other factors. The Visual Basic Programmer develops and maintains applications that can beused by any size organization or Internet-based business. The Web Page Developer Level One Certificate prepares students forpositions developing Internet and Intranet Web pages.

The Web Page Developer Level Two Certificate prepares students foradvanced positions developing Internet and Intranet Web pages, and for thoseapplications requiring programming skills, such as electronic commerce. For more information about any degrees or certificates, contact the Business and Applied Technology office or the Counseling Department. Send technical questions to our Webmaster. This article is about physical ports. This article does not cite any sources. In computer hardware, a port serves as an interface between the computer and other computers or peripheral devices.

In computer terms, a port generally refers to the part of connection available for connection between one computer to peripherals like input and output ones. Bent pins are easier to replace on a cable than on a connector attached to a computer, so it was common to use connectors for the fixed side of an interface. Physically identical connectors may be used for widely different standards, especially on older personal computer systems, or systems not generally designed according to the current Microsoft Windows compatibility guides. Parallel ports send multiple bits at the same time over several sets of wires.

After ports are connected, they typically require handshaking, where transfer type, transfer rate, and other necessary information is shared before data are sent. Hot-swappable ports can be connected while equipment is running. Almost all ports on personal computers are hot-swappable. Plug-and-play ports are designed so that the connected devices automatically start handshaking as soon as the hot-swapping is done.

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