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Illinois documents, books, research papers, and other Illinois history resources. Our mission is to present, preserve and investigate Illinois history. Volunteer judges are needed statewide for the Illinois regions and the Chicago Metro History Fairs. Please email for more information ed fox vol 2 pdf to volunteer as a judge for the 2017 school year.

The Reading Room contains antique books, research papers, photographs, listing of the “special days,” and amazing 3D CAD video tours. Pabst Brewing Company and the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition Urban Myths Debunked. Saving Illinois history, one story at a time. The Journal presents the “best of” our Facebook group posts and new stories in a friendlier format. Being membership free, anybody can add their comments to the postings in the Journal. Listen to historical accounts being read outloud while you look-over the photographs and images that are presented with the text version. The evolution of teaching and presenting history, in a meaningful and memorable way, has taken a huge leap forward.

The result truly enriches the experience for all readers. Please be patient when downloading a file as the time it takes to complete the download is dependent upon the users bandwidth speed. 100 Years of Progress, The Centennial History of Anna, IL. A Woman’s Story of Pioneer Illinois, by Christiana Holmes Tillson.

Army Life of an Illinois Soldier, Including a Day by Day Record of Sherman’s March to the Sea. Biography in Black, A History of Streator, Illinois. Including over 500 multi-sign advertising messages seen on Illinois and US Highways. Chain of Rocks Bridge, Chouteau Island, Illinois. Clarence Darrow, Timeline of His Life and Legal Career. Complete History of Southern Illinois’ Gang War. Constitution of the State of Illinois 1818.

French and Indians of Illinois River. Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, with Commemorative Biographies, Vol 2. History of Gazette Building in Champaign, Illinois. History of Sears Modern Homes and Sears Honor Bilt Homes.

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