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Clothed Maja and Third of May, 1808. The student, and later brother-in-law, of Francisco Bayeu, Goya was initially goya the disasters of war pdf in the then-current Rococo style.

He gradually developed his own distinctive style of painting, showing the influence of Velázquez and Rembrandt. Goya’s late works became quite dark in mood, from his satirical caricatures to the so-called Black Paintings such as Saturn Devouring One of his Sons. Museums and Public Art Galleries Worldwide: Art Institute of Chicago   NEW! Dona Amalia Bonells de Costa, ca. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco   NEW!

Don Ramón de Posada y Soto, ca. Man Carrying A Huge Load, ca. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City   NEW! National Gallery of Art, Washington D. Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas   NEW! Los Angeles County Museum of Art   NEW! Note: Click the title to view the artwork details, not the thumbnail image.

Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, St. San Diego Museum of Art, California   NEW! An online, collaborative attempt to catalog and illustrate all of the artist’s works. Note: The full version of the article is available only if you follow this link. If you bookmark the article and return later, or if you navigate directly to the Britannica website, you will see a 100-word preview only.

Reference sheet with basic information about the artist and pointers to other references. Does it matter who painted The Colossus – Goya or his apprentice? Meet Goya’s Women: They Hang in D. Selections from the books listed below are scanned in, in high res.