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This Article jurisprudence and legal theory pdf free download some introductory thoughts about the relationship between originalist constitutional theory and the proper role of precedent in the American judicial system. The Article advances two central claims. First, precedent has a role to play in the transition to originalism.

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Because an originalist “big bang” is not feasible, originalists should embrace a transitional role for precedent on the road from the status quo to a constitutional jurisprudence that is fully consistent with the original meaning of the constitutional text. In addition, the article discusses the question whether the doctrine of stare decisis is consistent with the original public meaning of the constitutional text. Rather than offering conclusions, the point of this discussion is to outline methods and principals that should guide the originalist inquiry. Friday and Saturday at the University of Richmond. Thanks to Kurt Lash at Richmond and Jason Mazzone at the University of Illinois for organizing this event.

The problem of theorizing privacy moves on two levels, the first consisting of an inadequate conceptual vocabulary and the second consisting of an inadequate institutional grammar. Privacy rights are supposed to protect individual subjects, and so conventional ways of understanding privacy are subject-centered, but subject-centered approaches to theorizing privacy also wrestle with deeply embedded contradictions. The global trade order that has been in place since the end of the Second World War is now in crisis. Populism has broken out around the world.