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Designed at Kia’s design center in California, the Soul debuted at the 2008 Paris Motor Show and is manufactured in South Kia pregio manual pdf. Since 2014, Kia has marketed an electric variant as the Soul EV in North and Central America as well as Europe. The Soul concept was styled by Mike Torpey in early 2005. As a new member of Kia’s Design Team in Irvine, California, Torpey was sent to KIA Korea to brainstorm a new vehicle.

After seeing a television documentary on wild boars and learning of their importance in Korean culture, Torpey sketched a caricature of a boar wearing a backpack. The New York Times reported “the boar’s attitude of strength and capability was the image wanted for a new model aimed at hip urban youths. According to the Automotive news, the Soul had been criticized for a “plasticky” interior and a harsh ride. Both the ride quality and interior were upgraded during the first year of production. The interior features two front bucket seats and a rear flat-folding bench seat that can adjust to prioritize passenger or cargo volume. Additional features available for upgrade included additional speakers, steering-wheel-mounted audio controls and Bluetooth for hands-free connectivity.

Options included themed special editions as well as 18-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, leather-wrapped steering wheel, racing stripes, “dragon” and “houndstooth” graphics, and LED turn indicators. For model year 2012, the Soul received revised exterior and interior styling and new powertrains. In North America the updated 1. 6 now delivers 25-26 mpg in the city and 30-31 on the highway.

0 returns 23-24 in the city and 28-29 on the highway. As part of the 2012 upgrades, European models were fitted with new 1. 6 CRDi diesel engines, both of which can be specified with an automatic gearbox or a new six-speed manual gearbox, replacing the five-speed unit in the old version. As a result, the petrol offers a 14 bhp uplift in power compared to its predecessor, while returning improved fuel economy. The 2013 North American Kia Soul received upgrades including 3 new colors, a bulged hood, revised grille with black chrome accents, LED red tail lights, LED amber front turn signals under the headlights and white LED running lights under the front turn signals.

US market featuring a blue body colour with white racing stripes, white painted side-view mirrors, and white, 18-inch, alloy wheels. The Shadow Dragon edition is based on the Soul trim line and was limited to about 1900 units. Kia Motors presented the Soul Flex at the 2010 São Paulo International Auto Show. The North American version of the Soul was initially available in 2010 and 2011 with one of two inline four-cylinder gasoline engines. The base model is powered by a 1. For the 2012 model, the Soul received two new powertrains and a new engine. Mated with a 6 speed manual or a six speed automatic, with either the new Nu 2.