Microsoft visual studio manual pdf

What a lovely piece of technology. I don’t want to work without microsoft visual studio manual pdf ever again. And rationalizing the types leads to much clearer code.

If you’ve not tried it yet, get in there! Types are optional, and type inference allows a few type annotations to make a big difference to the static verification of your code. Play with the bits and file bugs. Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Azure was announced in October 2008 and released in February 1, 2010 as “Windows Azure” before being renamed “Microsoft Azure” on March 25, 2014. Microsoft Windows and Linux virtual machines, as well as preconfigured machine images for popular software packages. Websites, high density hosting of websites allows developers to build sites using ASP.

Mobile Engagement collects real-time analytics that highlight users’ behavior. It also provides push notifications to mobile devices. Storage Services provides REST and SDK APIs for storing and accessing data on the cloud. Table Service lets programs store structured text in partitioned collections of entities that are accessed by partition key and primary key. Blob service also provides security mechanisms to control access to data. Queue Service lets programs communicate asynchronously by message using queues.

File Service allows storing and access of data on the cloud using the REST APIs or the SMB protocol. Azure Search provides text search and a subset of OData’s structured filters using REST or SDK APIs. Cosmos DB is a NoSQL database service that implements a subset of the SQL SELECT statement on JSON documents. Redis Cache is a managed implementation of Redis.

SQL Data Warehouse is a data warehousing service designed to handle computational and data intensive queries on datasets exceeding 1TB. Azure Data Lake is a scalable data storage and analytic service for big-data analytics workloads that require developers to run massively parallel queries. Azure HDInsight is a big data relevant service, that deploys Hortonworks Hadoop on Microsoft Azure, and supports the creation of Hadoop clusters using Linux with Ubuntu. The Microsoft Azure Service Bus allows applications running on Azure premises or off premises devices to communicate with Azure.