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Kennametal:Kennametal has been manufacturingtungsten carbide specialty productsfor non-metalcutting applications since1940 — over 50 years. Patented Breakthroughs for Difficult to Machine Materials:Cut Faster. These Kennametal Milling Systems are specifically designed and manufactured formachining high performance, difficult-to-machine materials. Since its inception in 1938, Kennametal has understood preciselyhow to improve manufacturing performance and profitability — byintroducing unparalleled products and services to reduce operatingcosts and lead times.

Use your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR codes throughout this catalogue. Since its inception in 1938, Kennametal has understoodprecisely how to improve manufacturing performanceand profitability — by introducing unparalleled productsand services to reduce operating costs and lead times. WORLD’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE PORTFOLIOOF QUICK-CHANGE TOOLING SYSTEMS! COMEMSTOOLINGSYSTEMTOOLINGSYSTEMSTOOSYSTEMSTOOLINGSYSKTooling SystemsTABLE OF CONTENTSKM System . Kennametal is a world leader in the development,manufacture, application, and supply of metalcuttingtools and services — and the undisputed top globalmaker of mining and highway-construction tooling. Railroad » OVERVIEW» 02-03 Kennametal leads the way with innovation, engineering, and service in standard and custom tooling. A RAILROAD Kennametal’s intimate understanding of the economics of the railroad value chain enables us to offer unparalleled custom solutions tailored to your needs.

FORMING Proven Performance Worldwide Demanding applications require wear parts of exceptional performance. Our tooling delivers long-life and maintains design tolerance through multiple-use cycles. Welcome to the Kennametal Abrasive Blast Nozzle catalog Inside you’ll find nozzles for just about every abrasive blasting joband several options in every case. Table of Contents IJ Guide To Blasting Nozzle Selection9 Air and pressure requirements. Wear Protection No matter what your application, turn to Kennametal for expert tooling solutions to get your job done efficiently and economically. Table of Contents Haul Road Maintenance. 15 Surface Miner Tools18 Crusher Tooling and Sizing.

Heavy-duty scarifier and dual carbide insert blades. Far outlast steel or cast-style blades by up to 12:1. High-Performance Solid Carbide Taps Primary Application Solid carbide taps offer higher productivity and outstanding performance in a wider range of materials than formerly possible. Thread Tooling Is the Proven High-Productivity Threading Solution! Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “O.

K2KENNAMETAL Toolholder Selection Guide tool path insert shape clamping style 27. Toolholders Catalog Numbering System K2KENNAMETAL How Do Catalog Numbers Work? Each character in our catalog number signifies a specific trait of that product. PCBN and PCDSuperhard Tool Materials .

K2KENNAMETAL Superhard Tool Materials Application Areas PCD PCBN nitride ceramics . KENNAMETAL Inserts for Every Turning Operation fBPond Kennametal, the trusted innovator in metalcutting technology, offers a complete range of indexable inserts for general turning operations. Kennametal Inserts Catalog Numbering System KENNAMETAL How Do Catalog Numbers Work? For internal and external threading on most types of workpiece materials. WOEJ09 Dramatically improves MRR using the latest milling strategies. Engineered to run up to 0,1 IPT. Ideal for pocketing, ramping, and helical interpolations.

WOEJ09 KZKENNAMETAI: Dramatically improves MRR using the latest milling strategies. Slotting Cutter Primary Application KTMS slotting cutter produces “T” slots in machine beds as well as small radial depths of cut for machining shallow radial slots. Use air flow to evacuate chips. 75 End Mills KENNAMETAL 1 Twelve cutting edges per insert.

High-performance milling in a new dimension. Primary Application Solid carbide taps offer higher productivity and outstanding performance in a wider range of materials than formerly possible. Highest precision and surface quality achievable but still easy to apply. O standard diameter range 5-14mm . DFT Primary Application Drill short holes up to 5 x D with DFR, DFS, and DFT indexable drills in steel, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, and non-ferrous materials. KZKENNAMETAE Combination Tools Combination Drilling Tools are customizable using standard components and combine centering, drilling, and countersinking into a single operation, increasing productivity by reducing cycle time and tool changes.