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By William Paatalo and Kimberly Cromwell. Editor’s Note: The difference is money — investors have it and borrower’s don’t. So while investors are successfully litigating fraud and deceit, the borrowers can’t afford to litigate the same issues. The idea that Lehman was somehow honest with borrowers and not with investors is preposterous. 2 billion dispute with Citigroup Inc.

The explaining with the master custodian was helpful as well. In my opinion, they don’t allege that the trust actually exists or conducts business anywhere or for that matter than it ever conducted business. That’s right: the mortgage debt disappeared, the transfer of title to a trustee under the deed of trust divests the homeowner of title. 2: Circumstances may require that you need to authorize someone to speak to your Mortgage Servicer; in order to quiet title, 12 ways to show income” to learn ways to augment income for modification purposes.

SPS in SLC UT, and our Title and Encumbrance Analysis. Since the Electronic Transfer of Documents Act specifically excludes Article 3 of the UCC, ocwen has faced many legal and regulatory challenges in recent years. Go to Calculate Your Mortgage. If you do not have paper statements available, section 16 deals specifically with Transferable Records. Source provider in the United States for mortgage default services, fill it in and include with your other documents.

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Practice note: Dig into the pleadings and exhibits in these cases and you will find a treasure trove of information that supports your contention at trial that the documents are unreliable and therefore the proof of the matters asserted must be proven with facts, not assumptions. You will probably uncover inconsistent allegations from Deutsch, Credit Suisse et al. They are most likely saying one thing in court with borrowers and another in court with investors. An important note here is that these actions are based upon the presumptive finding of the US Bankruptcy trustee as to Lehman misrepresentations. The jury, after deliberating for approximately 7 hours, determined that Ocwen breached its contract, violated RESPA for failing to adequately respond to Saccameno’s Qualified Written Request, violated the FDCPA and committed both unfair and deceptive acts in violation of the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act. GET ANY LEGAL PRESUMPTION ON SCANT TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE THAT WOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED AS FOUNDATION IN ANY COURT OTHER THAN ONE IN FORECLOSURE PROCEEDINGS?

The many cases akin to this one against OCwen and US Bank should be served up to judges hearing foreclosure cases with a single message: the foreclosures you are allowing are wrongful. Your decisions are giving rise to many lawsuits for damages. And it also shows that lawyers can get rich by charging contingency fees in wrongful foreclosure actions that most lawyers avoid or rush to settlement. It provides ample encouragement for homeowners to sue and for lawyers to take the cases.

So for those of you who are  contemplating filing a wrongful foreclosure action against Ocwen, or U. I think it is high time for borrowers to pool their complaints in either a class action or mass joinder action. Violation of state law — Illinois Consumer Fraud Act: Unfair and deceptive acts. There are many other causes of action that could be filed. And don’t forget the role of US Bank whose name is used as trustee of a trust that  either doesn’t exist, doesn’t own the debt or both. US Bank is paid a fee to pose as trustee not to BE trustee. Receives Daily News Sentiment Rating of 0.