Pdf flattening printing problems

Illustrator who designs logos, stationary, CD sleeves and other custom works. I design for pdf flattening printing problems worldwide, including the USA, Australia and here in the UK.

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1, which was basically a collection of stuff I just feel like designing. I HAVE NOW MOVED IT HERE TO THIS PAGE, SO COMMENTS ARE NOT OPEN ON THIS POST. It’s due to the unique nature of how it works. The Worst Designer on the Planet. Last year, I designed my new business card design—I even wrote about how indestructible it allegedly was. Here’s an illustrated list of the top 15 printing mistakes and errors you should avoid. This article is aimed mainly at inexperienced designers, but there’s also a few tips and further resources in it for seasoned designers, too.

We all make mistakes, so here’s a resource that should aid everyone who wants to expand their knowledge. If you don’t put in place a decent bleed in your artwork, you’re asking for trouble. This is necessary because the guillotines that will slice-and-dice your prints aren’t that accurate. Setting Up Crops and Bleed over on Spoon Graphics. If you need small text knocked-out of a black background, make sure that it doesn’t include large amounts of cyan, magenta and yellow.

If you do, the text will print blurred. This will happen because of ink-bleed and possible slight misalignment of printing plates. Even if digital print is used, this is still a problem and a cause of many printing mistakes. For best results, use white text on a background that only has black in it, with no other colour. For a richer black background, use small amounts of coloured ink for a more suitable results. Resource: For a tutorial on this issue, read my article: Playing Keepaway with Logos and Small Type.

If a design is bad, really love reading these types of things and getting other designer’s perspectives. If you take a look at my example above, do you have any suggestions on what improvements could be made to this form? Out of a black background, read my post: What are the Benefits of Designing in RGB for CMYK Print? You’re asking for trouble.