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Because these connections are routinely avoided in practice, ferroresonance is not encountered very often and there isn’t much information about it in the literature. Ferroresonance is pdf splicer for windows of mention, however, because it can utterly destroy a transformer.

The necessary conditions for ferroresonance are established in the system shown in Figure 1. The supply lines to the station-service transformers are through a set of shielded cables. When a transformer core operates near saturation, the B-H curve is highly nonlinear, and the effective permeability of the core can take on a range of values that vary with the changes in flux density. Each of the inductances shown as L1, L2, and L3, will have instantaneous inductance values that are proportional to the effective permeability of the core at any given instant in time.

These inductances form parallel L-C circuits that are in series with one another and in series with the source voltage. Since L1, L2, and L3 are constantly varying along with the effective permeability of the core, it is almost certain that a series resonant condition will exist at least part of the time during every cycle. When a series resonance exists, even for a brief period, this causes very large voltages across the L-C elements. These voltages are capable of destroying the transformer and any other equipment connected to it. The nonlinear nature of this problem makes mathematical analysis virtually impossible, but the phenomenon has been observed both in the field and experimentally, and the voltages have been measured and recorded. Y-connected primary winding and preventing excessive voltage across the windings.

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