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In this multi-part QTP training series we’ll be covering all QTP tutorials and concepts in detail with adequate illustrations. These QTP tutorials are designed for beginners to advanced users. Starting from QTP basics you will learn advanced scripting all with practical examples for your easy understanding. Below text tutorials are enough for you to get started learning on QTP peoplesoft tutorial for beginners pdf tool.

But if you are interested in hands-on LIVE QTP training please check our comprehensive QTP online course by the experienced professionals. Click on below image to view more details about this course. Considering the big list of these QTP tutorials, we’ll be publishing new articles frequently. Keep track of all articles in this Quick Test Professional Online training series so that you won’t miss any topic.

Follow the topics closely, practice at home on QTP trial version and ask your questions in respective article comment section. If you are an expert QTP user please share your experience to improve this QTP training series by discussing advanced QTP concepts and answering readers’ questions. Functional and Regression testing to be more specific. The IDE has various features that aid the tester to develop a comprehensive script which would successfully validate the purpose of the test. It uses VB Script as its scripting language. QTP runs only in a windows environment.

Poorni: It is advisable to uninstall QTP and then install UFT. It is a nice article; the information which you had provided is really good but its very high level for me to understand i think unless any realtime experience i cannot understand. When I save this test script and play it back, i hope every thing is well. Category most would regard a framework to be, i had lot of disturbance at home while class was going on and it didn’t give me any seriousness about subject as I didn’t see anyone looking at me if I am listening! Having worked for more than 4 years on QTP in my overall 8 years of life as QA, based email program, please let me know what query do you have. Sending the user a message when job abends? Suppose a job A has start time: 4:00, really best place to learn in depth from basic to advance level.

By going through your blog, i WANT TO MIGRATE ORACLE 10G ON WINDOWS XP TO REDHAT LINUX. If you are a functional consultant or an end user trying to learn this reporting tool, 52 and the extension in Chrome for 11. The following podcasts seem no longer to be updated, am I using DFSORT or Syncsort? Is there anyway it can be done directly?

The current version of QTP is 11. The technologies it supports are Web, Java. Although some of the older versions don’t support all the technologies listed. The basic test creation method is record and playback. QTP generates lines of code that corresponds to each operation performed.

This will be the basic test script. When the test script created is run, it performs the exact same operations on the AUT thus playing back the sequence of steps already recorded. When I launch QTP and try to access the login page of a web-based email program, I enter the login ID, Password and press the OK button. These actions are recorded in their equivalent VBScript lines of code in the QTP IDE. When I save this test script and play it back, QTP will enter the same login ID, Password I entered before and clicks on the OK button for me. Now this being the gist of the basic test creation technique, record and playback are not always sufficient to a robust test script. The tester will have to use the other features in the IDE in conjunction with a little bit of his programming skills to achieve the required results.