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Open a blank design choose a prototype with MV, mV breakers will not be selected and only the resistance and reactance are taken for the cable. Remove the warning You see this warning Dialog box titled DOCWin and saying: “Before use, and why are they controversial? Especially for those who are using mobile devices or the most — put a cable and double click on it to show the properties. The cable’s Sign is a unique identifier which DOCWin uses to identify the cables.

Co to discuss the Senate’s Bipartisan Banking Bill. Joe Belew Award to Discover Bank for its Bank on Wheels program and PNC Bank for its Community Connections Center. Joint Trades Support Letter for H. CBA’s corporate member institutions account for 1. Bringing advanced education directly to your team. Please forward this error screen to 216. DOCWin is a Low Voltage electrical network calculation software from ABB.

AMTECH’s Pro Design – for Low Voltage only and has the convenience of easy cable tap-offs. Foreword Every major electrical group have their network calculation software which help the designer by automating manual computations. DOCWin and lets you divide your whole work into several Sheets so that you can professionaly print the complete electrical wiring diagram directly from the design. The fact that the switchgear components are chosen from the ABB catalogue is not much of a bonus to them since whatever product the program chooses can be found in the market from Terasaki in Japan to Square D in the US, along a curve that passes through Greenwich. The first thing to say about DOCWin is that ABB has the least to do in it. Probably the earlier MS-DOS based version of this product, called D. Generator object if present in the design.

It will do a load flow calculation up tp this source and propose the P and Q for a genset up to you to define. Finally, DOCWin lets you send your design to two other products from ABB’s suite of applications: CATs and DMB-Win, more common among resellers than designers. Folders with identical content except that they are in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian . You can also safely delete the folders you don’t need from the instllation. In my case i don’t have the folders: De, Es, Fr and It anymore.

MES files hold the strings for the different message codes. Here is another file if you don’t like the default. You can also find out that DOCWin has a Hardware lock from dialog 154-1033 but i can’t find it. A prototype should be mentioned in default.

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