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December 2018, which will greatly enrich the research experience and evidence-base for our Members. Which Membership Plan is best for me? Those who enjoy keeping abreast of cutting edge natural health news and like the research put into practice will benefit most from this level. Also included is enhanced access to our Research Dashboard where users are able to search for articles and research abstracts on thousands of health and wellness topics. Membership includes all the benefits included in the Friend Level as well as even more search features and results in our Research Dashboard. 250,000 in value as well as the ability to create unlimited custom searches which may then be published to PDF or web page.

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Smart Search PDFs contain all available research on 2 to 5 topics in the same category. An incredibly rich venue of leading-edge scientific, user-friendly, health empowering information. I thought I had died and gone to abstract heaven! This is a marvelous resource and one I highly recommend. It brings science alive and makes it exciting and relevant. Benefits, Join now and receive the following as our gift to you! Bravo for creating such a well curated and amazing wealth of important information!

Scientific data is the language we use to test our theories, probe our understanding, and challenge our assumptions about health and disease. What about the data that sits on the shelf, that doesn’t have the support of big industry and media interests? Data that supports simple, inexpensive, and safe natural interventions? Data that exposes the dark side of pharmaceutical products?

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