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Please forward this error screen to 184. This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 6 April 2018. This article is about the operating system. Red hat linux networking and system administration 3rd edition pdf the kernel, see Linux kernel.

Source model Mainly open-source, proprietary software is also available. Linux was originally developed for personal computers based on the Intel x86 architecture, but has since been ported to more platforms than any other operating system. The development of Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free and open-source software collaboration. The underlying source code may be used, modified and distributed—commercially or non-commercially—by anyone under the terms of its respective licenses, such as the GNU General Public License. T was required to license the operating system’s source code to anyone who asked.

As a result, Unix grew quickly and became widely adopted by academic institutions and businesses. Although not released until 1992, due to legal complications, development of 386BSD, from which NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD descended, predated that of Linux. MINIX was created by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, a computer science professor, and released in 1987 as a minimal Unix-like operating system targeted at students and others who wanted to learn the operating system principles. In 1991, while attending the University of Helsinki, Torvalds became curious about operating systems. Torvalds began the development of the Linux kernel on MINIX and applications written for MINIX were also used on Linux. Later, Linux matured and further Linux kernel development took place on Linux systems.

During the start of his work on the system, some of the project’s makefiles included the name “Freax” for about half a year. Torvalds had already considered the name “Linux”, but initially dismissed it as too egotistical. Adoption of Linux in production environments, rather than being used only by hobbyists, started to take off first in the mid-1990s in the supercomputing community, where organizations such as NASA started to replace their increasingly expensive machines with clusters of inexpensive commodity computers running Linux. Linux’s greatest success in the consumer market is perhaps the mobile device market, with Android being one of the most dominant operating systems on smartphones and very popular on tablets and, more recently, on wearables. Torvalds continues to direct the development of the kernel.

Stallman heads the Free Software Foundation, which in turn supports the GNU components. Finally, individuals and corporations develop third-party non-GNU components. Linux vendors and communities combine and distribute the kernel, GNU components, and non-GNU components, with additional package management software in the form of Linux distributions. A Linux-based system is a modular Unix-like operating system, deriving much of its basic design from principles established in Unix during the 1970s and 1980s.

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The GNU userland is a key part of most systems based on the Linux kernel, with Android being the notable exception. CPU, main memory, data storage devices, etc. A bootloader, for example GNU GRUB, LILO, SYSLINUX, or Gummiboot. An init program, such as the traditional sysvinit and the newer systemd, OpenRC and Upstart.

Software libraries, which contain code that can be used by running processes. On Linux systems using ELF-format executable files, the dynamic linker that manages use of dynamic libraries is known as ld-linux. Basic Unix commands, with GNU coreutils being the standard implementation. A package management system, such as dpkg and RPM. Alternatively packages can be compiled from binary or source tarballs.

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