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Permission is given to homeschooling parents and romulus my father pdf book teachers to use these units free of charge in their own homeschool or classroom only. You can print off the free Ancient Rome Timeline Pieces and Timeline to use in your own homeschool. These are pdf documents so you will need the free Acrobat Reader to print them. If you have a laser printer, the timeline pieces will look professionally printed.

A history based unit should include a timeline study of the major historical events, a biographical examination of the major people living in these civilizations, an investigation into the major discoveries or accomplishments of each civilization, an understanding of specific terminology, and map and culture studies of the various civilizations and their modern counterparts. Follow up with a review lesson and quizzes, if desired. 30 Days to Understanding the Bible in 15 Minutes a Day! Ancient Rome, Come and Discover My World by Peter Chrisp. A colorful, 32-page booklet with simple text and fun, hands-on activities. Ancient Rome, Thematic Unit by TCM. Cultural Atlas for Young People, Ancient Rome by Mike Corbishley is an excellent book that could be used for all grade levels as a read-aloud.

Unfortunately, this book is out of print. If you can find one used, grab it. History Detectives: The Romans by Philip Ardagh. A unique way to learn about Ancient Rome – solve a mystery. It’s up to you to unmask the kidnapper of the emperor’s son. You will follow clues, look at pictures, and collect points while solving the mystery and learning all about life in the Roman empire.

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History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations by Evan Moor. Uncle Josh’s Outline Map Book by George Wiggers. The best blank map resource available. Kidatlas by Ruth van der Maas. The Story of the World, Ancient Times, Volume 1 by Susan Wise Bauer. I recommend this for moms who like to do crafts and have the time to get the materials together.

Lots of fun activities and some recipes included. Not recommended for busy moms or children who do not enjoy crafts. Teaching Units, The Old Testament by Grace Publications. Map of Roman Empire 120 AD.

A Trip to Ancient Rome, Mapping Activities for 4-8. Blank map of Roman Empire – label the countries of the Roman Empire. Ancient Rome, Read and Color Learning Fun, pg. Where did the Roman Empire Start?

59-60, Growing an Empire: Rome and America. Using Uncle Josh’s Outline Map Book, page 2, Ancient Rome, show the approximate location of the Ancient Roman Empire. Rome Reborn: Computer generated recreation of Rome! Watch this fun video about the Roman Army.

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