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Colorado Runner as 2008’s Best Half Marathon, the Ute Mountaineer Golden Leaf Half-Marathon Presented by Salomon is one of the most beautiful foot races in the Rockies. 3 mile half marathon traverses from Snowmass Village to the heart of Aspen on mountain trails and snowmass ski trail map pdf at the height of Colorado’s breathtaking fall colors. Registration begins at noon on April 19, 2018. 2017 Age Group Results GOLDEN LEAF REGISTRATION will begin at noon on April 19, 2018 and will continue until the race cap of 1000 people is reached.

We will not be taking cancellations or a waitlist. It is possible to transfer into the race from a person that is registered but will not be racing. Register online or return registration form to Ute Mountaineer in Aspen. Once you have entered the active.

15 minutes to complete the registration process. After 15 minutes, your spot is no longer guaranteed. Have everyone in your party register only themselves for a faster registration process. Race Registration will close once the 1000 person spots have been taken. Including the early registrants from last year’s race, the total race participation will be 1000 people. Last year this happened within 3 hours of the start of race registration.

It should take less time this year. Race Registration Insurance Race registration insurance is available thru active. When you register, you must take note of the insurance you are signing up for and how a claim is to be made. We recommend printing a copy of the policy. Card Pitkin County requires that all participants obtain a valid CORSAR card for the date of the event. These are available in Aspen at the Ute Mountaineer and the Tenth Mountain Hut Association. 15 and will be allowed thru September 2nd.

A completed registration form for the new participant with the waiver signed by the new participant. To download a pdf registration, click here. Please do not deliver these three items separately-we cannot be responsible for lost pieces of the transfer requirements. Online Transfer: It is possible to transfer your registration through your active.

You will have to use the active. Once the person transferring in has accepted the transfer, that person will be charged the registration fee plus active. The person transferring out will be refunded by active. The City of Aspen has set up a Facebook page to help people connect for registration transfers.

The new participant will have to reimburse the original participant for any race fees. Refunds will not be issued by the race organizer. Any transfer information that is not complete or is received at the Ute Mountaineer after September 2nd will be sent back to the return address on the envelope. These participants will also be prevented from entering future Golden Leaf Half Marathons. Please read waiver agreement when signing up. Waves Due to the number of participants, 6 wave starts will be used.

You can determine which wave you are in when you pick up your bib or check back here for wave postings on Wednesday, September 20th. Wave placement will be based on historical and estimated finish times. Another way to estimate your time is to compare yourself to how racers finished in 2017. Under such conditions, every effort will be made to hold the race, but the director reserves the right to delay, shorten or even cancel the event.

There is also the possibility that the United States Forest Service can cancel the race if the trail conditions could lead to irreparable damage to the trail or safety issues. Please do not request entry into the race once registration has closed due to filling the race participation cap of 1000 people. Start: The race starts at 8:30 on Fanny Hill at the end of the Snowmass Village Mall. In an effort to reduce congestion on the race course, there will be 6 wave starts. Waves will be posted prior to packet pick-up the week before the race. You can determine which wave you are in when you pick up your bib or by checking back on this website. If you do not provide a time, you will be placed in wave 6.

Finish: The finish line for the course is at Koch Park in Aspen. Cut-Off times are approximately 40 min at the 1. Course Description The course description below is for the 2017 race. August for a final course description. Course Map: To download a course map, please click here. Course Description 2017: The Golden Leaf starts on Fanny Hill just off the pedestrian mall in Snowmass Village at an elevation of about 8650ft.

The course climbs up a ski area access road about 400 yards to a large maintenance building where the road splits. The road is fairly flat here for a few hundred yards. Buttermilk before descending to the outskirts of Aspen. The 1st section is a rolling descent across Snowmass Ski Area.