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At least 40,000 elderly people in care homes in England are living in ‘social isolation’, a new survey has revealed. And as many as 13,000 are completely ‘without kith or kin’ and receive no letters, calls or visits at all, says the Relatives and Residents Association. The charity’s Government-funded research gathered the cry of winnie mandela pdf from 686 of the 10,000 homes in England. RA said the situation was ‘desperately sad’, and told the BBC: ‘We’re talking about people who, largely, have dementia.

They’ve lost so much already – they’ve lost their homes, their families, often their memory. No-one to help stimulate it or remind them of who they were or what they did. Some people have never had families, some people have outlived them. Some people may well have families, but their children are on other continents and although they do care about them, they can’t possibly be in touch with them. RA said the two-year study reflected of the wider situation across England despite only seven per cent of care homes responding, and claimed the estimated 13,000 living in complete isolation was ‘conservative’. The charity also warned that these people were at risk of financial abuse or neglect, highlighting one  case in which a care home resident’s bungalow was bought by the manager for his son which was ‘completely unethical’. Ms Downey said local authorities should make it their business to find out how many people in their areas were isolated, and then encourage’befriending’ schemes to recruit volunteers to visit them.

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said services ‘designed and delivered in silos’ could intensify the isolation and loneliness felt by older people. The best care homes personalise the care and support that residents receive,’ he said. By understanding their personal history and listening to them, care homes can transform people’s lives. Caring for older people is everybody’s business. That is why the Government is determined to strengthen community action. Citizen-led advocacy and community-based befriending services can make a big difference. Why DO so many women grind their teeth at night?

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