Topology via logic pdf

Also generating spreadsheet topology via logic pdf from Jira? Check out our Excel exporter app!

Compatibility release for the upcoming Better Excel Plugin 2. Support for Tempo period- and user filters. Improved support for saved filters in automations. Support for 4 new Jira Service Desk custom field types. Compatibility release for the Jira 7. Support for Jira Data Center, licensing via Atlassian Marketplace.

UI integration with Jira Agile, Jira Service Desk and Tempo. Support for dashboards, gadgets and reports. Support for Tempo, Jira Service Desk and Table Grid Editor. Support for JEditor and Jira Agile. Generate, export and email PDFs automatically.

Export types are configurable in the web UI. Web editor for PDF templates and Groovy scripts. New template for Burn Down charts. Easy installation and maintenance through “plugins 2” compatibility. Groovy scripting to implement custom logic. New template for Gantt charts and traceability matrixes. Support for the embedding the issue attachments in the exported PDF files.

New template for requirement specification documents. New template for timesheets and invoices. It also improves the support for saved filters in automation actions via PDF Automation Plugin 3. This was a super-popular feature request. We even went one step further. The integration also filters worklogs to the user, if you are looking at a single user’s timesheet. As a result, when exporting from the Timesheet screen you will get exactly those worklogs in the export that you see in the web interface.

Please note that in previous versions the app did not use any of these filtering criteria: if an issue was displayed in the timesheet, we exported all the worklogs on the issue, regardless who and when created that. If you want to return to that behaviour, you can easily turn off both filtering. It performs much better for massive worklog exports from the Tempo Timesheet and other Tempo screens. As it is also a subject for performance tuning, make sure you learn more about pre-loading. We hope you are already using the PDF Automation Plugin, our free app that allows integrating the PDF View Plugin to automatic business processes. If you are, then remember to upgrade your PDF Automation Plugin version to 3. If you are not using that yet, make sure to give this a try!

It will save you from lots of boring manual work by creating and distributing PDF documents automatically. In its latest version PDF Automation Plugin has improved support for saved filters. Learn more in the PDF Automation Plugin 3. It takes just a few minutes, follow the guide below. Upgrade the app JAR as usual, through the Universal Plugin Manager.