Treasure island worksheets pdf

Please forward this error screen to 194. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages. Make a pirate’s treasure chest from a treasure island worksheets pdf. Make a treasure hunt that the children will really enjoy.

A very easy sailboat to make from a plastic lid, a straw, paper, and modeling clay. A short, printable picture dictionary of pirate words — for early readers. The student cuts out the pages, staples them together, then writes each word in the tiny book. The words are: anchor, cannon, chest, coins, map, parrot, pirate, hook, ship, sword, and write another pirate word. Draw a picture of a pirate flag and write about it.

Describe what it looks like, explain why you chose the images you did and what they mean — for young writers. Draw a picture of a treasure chest and write about it. Describe what it looks like, what is in the chest, and why they are treasures — for young writers. Draw a picture of a creature that lives in the sea, then write about it — for young writers. Think of and write eight pirate-related words. Then, for each word, write a sentence containing the word. Sample answers: ship, treasure, sword, mast, captain, crew, doubloon, buccaneer.

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